Made in NYC

Baco Enterprises Inc. is four companies in one. We are a distributor of fasteners, a threaded rod and anchor bolt manufacturer, a steel service center, and a miscellaneous steel fabricator. To our knowledge, no other company has attempted to put these four companies together, but our valued customers understand. Not only are we the only supply of steel and fasteners under one roof, but we are based in NYC. The city that never sleeps because you can be sure men and women are working to build and restore New York City 24/7. Like the city we have grown with, we are innovative and evolving into a full service manufacturer & supplier.

Some of the products we make in NYC are hex bolt, round head bolts, timber bolts, hex nuts, coupling nuts, jam juts, slotted nuts, dock washers, plate washers, shims, custom wedges, anchor bolts, threaded rod, and much more. As a local misc. steel fabricator, we welcome the opportunity to fabricate for out-of-town fabricators that include "small runs," items that were lost on the jobsite, or items that were fabricated incorrectly. We do not bid projects and we only fabricate for sub-contractors.