Water Treatment

As the leading distributor and manufacturer of fasteners in NYC, we have been supplying all the WWTP & WPCP in the area. With over 1.8 million gallons of wastewater processed daily, NYC has one of the largest wastewater treatment capacities in the country.

One of these projects contains 12'-0 diameter pipe flanges, of which Baco Enterprises supplied custom 2-3/4" X 14" flange bolts. For these projects, you can call Baco for B8M heavy hex bolts, stainless steel threaded rod, zinc plated threaded studs, HDG threaded studs, clevises hangers, pipe hangers, pipe stands, riser clamps, U-Bolts, and more.

B8M Heavy Hex Bolts

Baco Stainless Steel Threaded Rods

Baco Zinc Plated Threaded Studs

Baco HDG Threaded Studs

Clevises Hangers - COMING SOON

Pipe Hangers- COMING SOON

Pipe Stands - COMING SOON

Riser Clamps - COMING SOON


Baco Structural Bolts