Metal Shearing Serving The Northeast And Mid-Atlantic Regions

To serve the needs of metal fabricators when they require supplemental and fill-in jobs in the Northeast and MidAtlantic, we provide a range of metal shearing services. These services play an essential role in fabrication and sheet metal operations.

Metal cutting and shearing is completed as the edges of two knives, a fixed lower blade, and a vertically moving upper blade meet from one side of a workpiece to another. As the blades come together, they partially penetrate the material and cause a crack or tear known as the slip plane which develops on both sides of the material.

The shear cutting process must be modified according to the thickness and strengths of the steel or other material being cut. This is accomplished by adjusting the angle at which the upper and lower blade are aligned referred to as the blade rake or the sheer angle and the distance between the upper and lower blade, which is known as the blade or the knife clearance.

Our Metal Shearing And Cutting Capabilities

We offer many different shear cutting options through our metal cutting capabilities. We can readily meet your requirements for a range of jobs and can cut to strict tolerances in the range of .004 to 1/16".

We perform steel shearing services on A36 steel, grade 50 steel, and stainless steel. We can efficiently complete custom shearing and cutting on the following:

  • Cut To Size Squares
  • Steel Anchor Plates
  • Steel Gussets
  • Steel Stiffeners
  • Web Plates
  • Steel Bearing Plates
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate
  • Galvanized Steel Strips
  • Kick Plates
  • Leveling Plates
  • Steel Flitch Beams
  • Steel Flitch Plates
  • Galvanized Sheel
  • Steel Connection Plates
  • Corten Steel Cover Plates
  • Access Plates
  • Cut To Size Steel Plate

Why Choose BACO Enterprises?

Our customers have relied on us for decades when they require industrial fastener needs. They also choose us when they’re looking for a cost effective source for supplemental metal fabrication services, including CNC punching. We're here to serve as a precision machining company when fabricators need to get their jobs done faster, and without exhausting their capabilities and budgets. If you're looking for various forms and components, including steel bollards for sale, we're here to meet your needs.

We are able to provide some of the most competitive pricing on these essential services as well as expedited order fulfillment. Our fleet of twelve, NY-based delivery trucks enables us to ship to areas through the Northeast and MidAtlantic, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, with impeccable speed.

To get a quick quote on the fabrication service you need, send us your tech drawing and specs by email. You can also contact us directly to specify your requirements and place your order.