Precast Steel Bollards And Stainless Steel Pipe Bollard Covers For Sale

Steel bollards, also known as precast steel bollards, consist of pipe that is vertically embedded into concrete a few feet deep and extends a few feet above the ground. They are meant to serve as a permanent vehicular barrier around hydrants, gas lines, and buildings, in parking lots, and other areas.

They are sometimes covered but always consist of pipe and are often painted to indicate their function. For example, a steel bollard that’s acting as a barrier for a fire hydrant is usually painted red.

Steel bollards may consist of cut pipe alone, or they may be joined together underneath the concrete with steel plate. Current NYC building codes require that steel bollards be made from cut pipe, placed in concrete and connected with rebar. They must be encased in a stainless steel cover.

While many steel bollards are covered for aesthetic reasons, others are coated or made from galvanized steel for resistance. Pipe bollard covers are bolted directly to the bollards.

Steel bollards come in various sizes but they consist of a thicker walled pipe, which is identified according to schedule. Schedule 40, schedule 80, schedule 140 all refer to steel bollards with different types of inner and outer diameter.

The specifics of an application will determine the necessary diameter or schedule of the bollard. Steel bollard sizes range from a minimum of four inches to upwards of 16 inches.

When they are manufactured reliably and installed correctly, steel bollards are strong enough to stop a fully loaded truck from colliding with structures and crossing into pedestrian areas, thus serving as an invaluable safety asset.

Why Choose Baco Enterprises For Steel Bollard Production?

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