AC 100 Epoxy, A7+, And HY200 Epoxy Anchors

Epoxy anchor provides a high strength anchoring solution. Made from a combination of acrylic resin and a hardening agent, structural epoxy is a specialized industrial adhesive that’s suitable for use with concrete, masonry, and in other structural engineering projects.

It can be applied to walls, floors, and overhead to correct cracked concrete, as well as in brick, clay tile, and block. Virtually no tools are needed with this versatile and reliable system. Even the 28 oz. cartridge can be dispensed by hand.

There’s no dripping, sagging, or messy cleanup. Getting the right consistency is no problem as this formula is not sensitive to mix-ratio and can be used for hollow and solid base materials. It can be used in all weather and will even work in damp or underwater applications.

Curing time is less than an hour in most temperatures. Epoxy anchors can even be applied indoors and occupied spaces thanks to its low odor.

Baco Enterprises provides AC 100 epoxy and HY200 epoxy anchors. We also offer A7+ which can be used with treated rod or rebar. All are NSF 61 listed

The A7+ epoxy anchor formula provides an easier insertion compared to other adhesives. Less product is required to get the same job done, as this epoxy can be used in 1/16” and 1/8” oversized holes.

You can quickly source cartridges ranging from 8 to 28 oz. If you need a quote on epoxy anchors, or other fasteners and products we offer, including galvanized wedge anchors and 316 coupling nuts, submit an RFQ or call us directly.

Baco Enterprises can provide expedited shipping throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. We also specialize in meeting the needs of construction professionals and providing a range of supporting services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

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