Industrial Domestic Bolt Manufacturer

Bolts available from BACO Enterprises include a comprehensive range of threaded bolts, screws, studs and other essential components used for construction and industrial applications. We manufacture and supply bolts in an extensive selection of sizes, types and materials, including TC bolts, sheer studs, self drilling screws, and more. We can provide our customers with virtually any type of bolt they need and serve as a one-stop-shop for construction and building components.

Any bolt you’re looking for is always competitively priced and readily available when you choose us as your source.

Our manufacturer and distributor capabilities enable us to meet the demands of construction companies, no matter how varied or specialized their requirements. A combination of our production, testing, inspection, shipping services, and other capabilities have made us the leading bolt supplier in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

You can browse our selection and get a quote on any of the bolts in our vast inventory. These include askew head, flat head, and round head bolts; carriage, hex and hex tap, tension control (TC bolt), socket, timber, eye, and structural bolts.

We also provide industrial-grade screws and studs, including hex cap, hex lag, hex tap, socket, and self-drilling options.

You can easily search and sort them by part number, material, length, diameter, thread configuration, finish, and other specs.

When you submit your RFQ, we’ll provide a fast response. We work hard to fulfill your order promptly and reliably, while ensuring that all of your requirements are met.

If you have special requests or any questions, please contact us directly. A member of our dedicated service team will provide you with any assistance you need.