1. Technical Drawings - With over 100 years of combined experience, you can trust us to decipher your drawings and ensure the right product is delivered every time.
  2. High Definition CNC Plasma Burning - We have multiple cutting systems ready and able to handle the smallest to the largest cut plate orders.
  3. CNC Lathe - Enabling Baco with .004" precision on your custom bolt and nut needs.
  4. Custom Threading - 3/8" to 4" Diameter - in lengths as long as 40'-0. We can manufacture and deliver the biggest and highest quality threaded products available.
  5. Custom Bending - For bent anchor bolts, U-bolts, square bents, hooks, and jigs.
  6. Saw Cut And Shearing
  7. Fabrication Services include Punch, Drill, Mill, Cope, Weld
  8. Same And Next Day Delivery
  9. Rotational Capacity Testing to certify the integrity of high strength bolting
  10. Onsite Skidmore Testing
  11. Job Site Delivery