Concrete, Stainless Steel and F1554 Anchor Bolts

These bolts are fasteners that are used to secure a structure, by way of a steel column, to a foundation. These bolts are also known as foundation anchors and L-bolts, which are often confused with and sometimes referred to as J-bolts. They are mostly permanent components that require no updating or maintenance, and are intended to last as long as the structure in which they are being installed.


Can I Get Custom Anchor Bolts?

Baco Enterprises provides a wide selection of custom bolts in all ranges and sizes! These bolts can be made to satisfy specific design requirements of the application in which it will be used. Baco also carries a large variety of concrete bolts including chemical anchor and wedge anchor bolts, as well as other structural components including expansion wedge anchorscustom headed anchor bolts, and A307 grade A timber bolts.

Where And When Are These Bolts Used?

In any building, facility or structure, various types of anchors are used. When determining the most appropriate type of anchor bolts—as well as their diameters, lengths, grades, and finishes—the most important factors are the materials and structures used in that installation.

What Are Bent Anchor Bolts?

Bent anchor bolts are among the most frequently used types of anchor bolts. These fasteners get their name from their 90-degree bent end and are most frequently used to secure the base of steel columns to the foundation of a building. They can be found in virtually any steel supported structure.

Chemical And Bent Bolt Alternatives

Chemical anchor bolts, also known as epoxy or acrylics, are used in the construction of steel based structures as an alternative to conventional anchor bolts. They may be used to anchor a structure to concrete that has already been poured. Under such circumstances, installation of wedge anchors can also potentially serve as a solution.

Is Anchor Bolt Finishing Important?

The finishing of the bolt is typically not necessary, which is why black anchor bolts are often used. Black anchor bolts refer to anchor bolts that are unfinished. In most applications, anchor bolts will be encased in concrete. For this reason, finishes and protection against to corrosive elements are not major concerns. If needed, hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel anchor bolts are available.

What Is The Standard Size Range Of Anchor Bolts?

Sizes of bolts are determined by the length of the bolt’s rod and the diameter of the anchor. Standard sizes range from ¼” at the smallest—which are frequently used with drop-in anchors for the support of very light materials—and up to 4” in diameter at the largest. Anchor bolts of such larger sizes would be used for especially heavy duty, high demand applications, such as power plants or particularly large structured facilities in which heavy structures must be anchored.

How Can I Get Anchor Bolts?

Baco Enterprises serves as a supplier and manufacturer of all types of bolts. For over twenty years, we have been producing bent anchor bolts, anchor bolts with threads on each end, and anchor bolts with washers or nuts welded directly to the end. We also supply wedge anchors, sleeve anchors, large diameter tapcons, drop-in anchors, lag shields, epoxy and chemical anchors, deform bar anchors, wedge bolts, anchor rods, threaded rods, threaded anchor rods and headed anchor bolts. Most headed anchor bolts are hex-headed.

How Are Anchor Bolts Manufactured?

We maintain over 300 tons of round bar in various diameters, lengths, and grades, including F-15 54: grade 55 and F-15 54: grade 105. Our F1554 grade 55 round bar stock is also S1 weldable. Once an order is received, the material is then cut to size, chamfered, bent, headed, welded, threaded and/or coated as applicable to order specifications. All of the anchor bolts we supply and manufacture meet or exceed all standards set by the ASTM (American Society For Testing Materials).

What Do I Need To Know Before Sourcing?

When sourcing your bolts, be sure to know all necessary anchor bolt specs, including the diameters, lengths, grades and finishes pertaining to each type of anchor bolt you require. We’ll then provide you with a quote.

Why Source Bolts From BACO Enterprises?

One of the primary advantages you’ll find when working with us is our ability to fulfill orders with superior speed. When you make the decision to purchase from us as a manufacturer, you get quality assurance and speedy order fulfillment, as well as cost savings. Most orders we receive can be fulfilled and shipped to locations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Virginia in just one day. We have extensive experience supplying jobs in New York City, the New York metropolitan, Tri-State area, and the Northeastern United States.