Steel Punching Serving The Northeast And Mid-Atlantic Regions

We provide steel punching services for a range of industrial needs. Steel hole punching involves the use of a hydraulic press and a punch. This equipment is used to create a circular or slotted hole in plates, beams, angles, channels, and flat bar made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. This type of punching is typically completed on smaller steel fabrications and pieces. It's an efficient process that requires no heating or treatment of the material or parts.

Steel Hole Punching For A Range Of Applications

Holes and slots created in the punching process allow for the insertion of a bolt or fastener, which are then used to secure a connection. These connections are necessary for joining steel to concrete or steel to steel. For steel to concrete connections, any type of wedge or epoxy anchor can be used in the hole or slot that's created. For steel to steel connections that use a clip angle, any type of bolt can be used and multiple beams can be connected together. Steel punching is also used for safety posts, which are angles that feature punched holes that can then be threaded with safety wires to protect and stabilize workers as they erect a structure.

Custom precision metal punching is used in the production of parts needed for a variety of industries and construction purposes. For especially precise or fine work, CAD or CNC punching can ensure precision results are achieved. When you contact us for punching services, be sure to have any drawings and specs ready to submit so we can complete the job to your exact requirements.

Our Metal Punching Capabilities

Our punching services can be used to create holes and slots in clip angles; stainless steel, Cor-Ten, and curtain wall brackets; caisson, flitch, diamond, steel leveling, high strength steel, steel shim, steel mount, galvanized covered, and metal guide plates; as well as A36 steel washer plates, connection plates, base plates and anchor plates. Some of our punching jobs have been completed for structural parts used in many notable and historic landmarks throughout the New York Metropolitan area, including Yankee Stadium, the World Trade Center, JFK International Airport, Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital, and the George Washington Bridge.

Serving The Northeast And Mid-Atlantic

All parts are completed with precision accuracy and are competitively priced. Our capabilities and comprehensive precision machining services enable us to finish jobs in a very short timeframe. Metal punching services are performed domestically with 24-hour shipping available throughout much of the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic. As a New York based service provider with an extensive delivery fleet, we can ship throughout NY state, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Virginia with exceptional speed.

When you need reliable metal punching services for your next job, as well as various steel cutting and processing from an expert custom steel supplier, trust us to fulfill your requirements with speed and precision. To get a quote or learn more about our capabilities, contact us through our website or call us directly.