Galvanized, Steel, And More Construction Bolts For Marine, Structural, And Highway Applications

Construction bolts are made to exceptionally tough standards to support high-demand structural applications. These include buildings, bridge, tunnel, highway, pier and marine, and other forms of infrastructure.

In general, construction bolts are used to create joints between structural elements or to install them into a surface or material. In some cases, bolts are meant to be a permanent part of a structure, meaning that once they are installed they cannot be shifted and require no further maintenance or replacement.

In other situations, they are often paired with a nut or similar fastener so they can be tightened, loosened, adjusted, and updated as needed. 

All Types Of Construction Bolts To Best Suit Your Application

Construction bolts typically consist of a head, which may be round, square, hexagonal or other shapes, a neck directly underneath, and nominal length or body, which may be threaded completely or include an unthreaded portion, which is typically called a shank.

These and other features will vary based on construction bolt type. These features will enable a bolt to perform in a certain way. For example, through bolts are specially constructed to hold heavy loads, while flange bolts are used when wider load distribution is required under a clamping load.

We offer a full selection of the most commonly used construction bolts, including structural, industrial and marine construction bolts. In addition to varied types like ASTM bolts and threaded rods, anchor bolts, lag bolts, tamper-proof bolts, and similar components, we can provide various material and finishes and treatment options to best suit an application.

For example, our galvanized construction bolts provide added resistance for exterior applications. Our steel construction bolts include a variety of alloys and grades such as carbon, mild, and high tensile strength steel. 

Domestically Manufactured And Ready To Ship

We’re proud to provide our customers with a level of quality that can only be assured when construction bolts are manufactured domestically. We know you require bolts that are made to exceptional standards and are available for fast order fulfillment. That’s why we maintain the capabilities that enable us to meet such needs.  

Getting a quote is quick and easy. Browse and sort the construction bolts you need by part number, spec, and other specifics such as material, length, finish, threaded, etc. through our online catalog. Select the items you need and submit your RFQ. You can also use our quick quote feature to specify your order requirements. 

We’ll have your order fulfilled and shipped promptly. Thanks to the capabilities of our delivery fleet, we can provide expedited shipping throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or special requirements.