Plate Burning And Fabrication Services, Serving The Northeast And Mid-Atlantic Regions

Plate burning is a steel fabrication service that we provide. It is the process of cutting steel plate into various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the end user. If you require steel plate fabrications for bridges, buildings, roads, and other forms of infrastructure, we have the capabilities to provide you with many different types of plate burning fabrications.

When you need steel plate that meets with unique specifications, we can perform plate burning and cutting services that will ensure your steel plate fits the needs of the job

Fast And Reliable Plate Burning Of Various Steel Grades

We're able to perform these services in a cost effective and efficient manner, saving you time and money, while also providing you with the assurance that all of your requirements will be met. Turnaround time depends upon various job specifics, but we've built our capabilities around our ability to serve your needs quickly. We are able to complete plate burning and other steel fabrication services as quickly as the very same-day, or in just a few hours for urgent jobs. Let us know your needs and we'll do our utmost to meet them.

Steels versatility results from its strength, low cost, and potential to be fabricated into a range of different forms such as plate. Before plate burning can be completed, a specific grade of steel must be chosen. We can fabricate many different types of steel through our plate burning services and can accommodate a range of specific grade requirements, including A36, grade 50, floor plate, and various types of domestic steel plate, which has been melted and manufactured in the U.S.

Our Plate Burning And Cutting Capabilities

Our plate burning capabilities include oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting. Using our two high definition plasma burning tables, we have the capacity to produce a large output with speed and precision.

We're able to cut 16 gauge sheet metal to steel plate that measures upwards of four inches in thickness. Our plasma burning tables can accommodate plate up to 8 foot by 20 foot allowing Baco to cut whatever shape that meets your requirements. Our equipment also includes five band saws that can cut material up to 36 inches in width. We can also complete straight line cuts or bevel cuts to facilitate full or partial penetration welds.

We are a family-owned service center that has the capability to surpass some publicly held companies, and we can readily compete with their prices.

Serving The Northeast And Mid-Atlantic

We provide plate burning services, as well as other types of custom steel fabrication, throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic areas of the United States. We’re based in New York, and can efficiently ship throughout NY state as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Virginia.

If you need other services such as tack welding and stainless steel hole punching in this area, we can meet your needs.

Plates and Parts We Fabricate

We can quickly complete plate burning to produce the following forms, as well as many others. If you require these or other types of steel plates, please submit an inquiry with your requirements or call us directly to discuss your specs.

  • Custom Steel Plates: Virtually any type of custom steel plate you require is well within our fabrication capabilities.
  • Machine Parts: If you require certain machine parts fabricated from steel plate, we can cut holes, slots, and a range of cuts. We can also scribe markings for labeling and tracking purposes.
  • Drain Plates: We can fabricate drain plates or slotted plates for use as drain and grate covers.
  • A36 Steel Flitch Plates - We can produce A36 steel flitch plates for use in steel-to-steel, steel-to-wood and similar connections.
  • Weldment Plates - We can fabricate weldment plates for joining of beams and columns.
  • A709 Bridge Plates - We can provide these bridge plates for use in bridge construction, which are made from grade 50 plate or weathering steel.
  • Steel Diamond Plates, A786 Steel Floor Plates or Diamond Plate - Sometimes called checker plate, this plate is made with an anti-slip surface texture and is used in a range of settings, from truck beds and hatches, to temporary bridge surfaces.
  • Corten A588 Washer Plate and A588 High Strength Low Alloy Plates - These plates are fabricated from weathering steel that, after production, is similar in appearance to ordinary steel. When exposed to the elements however, the surface develops a rust-like covering that serves to protect the plate from deeper oxidation, corrosion, and deterioration.
  • A36 Steel Base Plates, A36 Steel Anchor Plates, and A572 Steel H Pile Plates - These are thicker plates that feature holes, which are used for connecting and anchoring columns to structural foundations.
  • Steel Connection Plates, A36 Bearing Plates, A572 Web Plates, and Flange Plates - We produce and drill holes in these plates, allowing for bolting of connections between beams.
  • Steel Washer Plates - These small square plates can be cut to various lengths, widths, and thicknesses. They are used with bolts and similar fasteners to distribute load.
  • A36 Steel Discs - We can cut these discs to a specific diameter according to your specs.
  • Road Plates - These low grade carbon steel plates are used on roads in highway construction zones to temporarily cover gaps and allow for safe passage of automobiles.
  • Steel Stiffener Plates and Custom Steel Gusset Plates - These plates are meant to be welded or bolted into the web of a beam. They provide added stability and rigidity when another beam is to be installed adjacent. Custom steel gusset plates are similar but also feature holes.